How to write extremely quickly and efficiently

Ever wonder how writers are able to churn out so much good content in such a little amount of time?

I wanted to share with you some of the secrets of the trade, so that you can in turn use some of these methods to write faster, turn out more books, and publish them as quickly as possible. Sometimes the greatest writers aren’t actually what they appear. Crazy, right?

Talk to text

Some writers will actually use “talk to text” features on their phones or computers that allow them to write WAY faster than they could actually type. For example, you might be able to talk at 250-500 words per minute, but that being said, you might only be able to type 100 words per minute. Obviously, your mind goes a lot faster than your brain does, so talk to text isn’t a bad idea at all. Only thing is you have to punctuate everything, that’s probably the only down side. A great upside is that you can do it while doing anything. I’ve done it while walking my kids to the park and the dog too, and with hands free options in the car too.

Speed typing/ transcription

Speed typing is for authors/ writers with mad typing skills.  Usually, these kinds of folks have has specialized training in computers from a young age. But if someone can’t type super fast, they just have someone sit there and transcribe all the information and words for them, kind of like how scribes used to back in the day. This is a great way to do it because you don’t even have to think about punctuation because the ‘scribe’ will do it for you.  My friend Tina was a scribe/ transcriptionist for the owner of solar companies fresno ca, and they did an incredible amount of writing / blog posting over the course of last year.  He would just talk, and speak his mind and his expertise, and she would just type away. It’s crazy how many words you can actually type if you put your mind to it, and have a professional there typing for you.

Ghost Writing

The easiest way to write books is to not write them at all! A lot of authors choose to do this, and on the surface this seems wrong, but if you have someone who you’ve trained and you write off on the book, than it’s as good as writing it yourself. I know a lot of authors that do that  and I actually have a lot of respect for them because they are so knowledgeable and have dedicated themselves to sharing the knowledge that they have. One particular author I’m thinking of does speeches all over the world – yes he gets paid well, but he also delivers incredible value. not just in those speeches but in the books that he writes (And doesn’t write through ghostwriting)

So if you want to become an elite author, think about those options to speed up your writing and your profitability as well. If you don’t you could be left behind, and no one wants that, right? Be your best! Try your hardest and great things will come to you.

As Goethe said:

Be Bold and Might Forces will come to your aid

Take that as wisdom and go out there and write till your heart’s content!

If you ever have writers block, here’s how to overcome it

Writers block is the phenomenon known to writers that you just can’t write anything.

Writer's BlockAnd sometimes you just have to get over that by sitting down and writing. And even if it doesn’t make sense or even if it doesn’t flow right the act of writing is what most writers just need to do on a daily basis. That’s how you become professional. Otherwise you won’t really be a writer or offer you will just be somebody that does it for a hobby. There was a great book, known as the war of art, which is a huge inspiration to me, and I know Tim to, that talks about overcoming resistance. And that’s one of the huge ways to overcome that which is in your way to achieving your goals of being an offer. That’s how Tim was able to publish so many books and so many good books and that, is my overcoming resistance. So I would say to any aspiring author’s or writers out there, the best way to overcome resistance and to reach her goals and to become a bestseller is to just sit down and do it. It’s willpower. That’s all. It just takes sitting down and writing between four and six hours a day. Or sometime it’s just 30 minutes. But consistency is the key. Continue reading

A preview of Kimberlina Road

Kimberlina Road is a book about a small town and it’s happening in a little farm community off of this road-Kimberlina Road. It’s kind of like that end scene of Shawshank redemption, when the two guys are walking along the beach. It just gives you that feeling in your heart like none other. A deeply happy feeling.

It’s the story of a girl who grows up into a beautiful woman and experiences all of life’s experiences both good and bad childhood young adult hood on this Kimberlina Road.

She starts off in a very simple life but as technology is fastly progressing throughout her community it’s somewhat destroys a relationship with her neighbors and even her own family members it’s the story of what many of our communities have gone through. When this girl was a young girl people used to go outside and play with no problem. And then she became young adult and realized how dangerous it was now streets. When this young girl, by the way his name was actually Kelsey, used to realize that people sat outside the porch and talk with her neighbors. Now everybody is on their cell phone all the time texting anybody in the world and doing 1 million different things except for connecting with human beings there next to you. It makes us realize where were headed as a society and as a human race and it’s simple book called Kimberlina road makes us want to talk to our neighbors.

It makes us want to be better people because of realizes the story of this girl Chelsea who lost so much of her innocence and lost so much of her youthful joy because of the distraction of communication technology and particularly to the Internet and even more smart phones.but there is hope, there is a movement to goes back to the land. And there are certain communities ever check into technology answered and pockets of certain communities that only one real true and authentic human interaction that is highly morning. And that’s what this book finished up with is a hopeful encouraging word in the world can improve in the world can be an optimistic and wonderful place.

PREVIEW: Once upon a merry rhyme

If you haven’t read any books by Tim, one of his best ones is once upon a Merry Rhyme. This is a book, and children’s book that talks about A girl named Haley.

Haley was a very sweet little girl who looked like one of the characters from the Grinch that stole Christmas. She had blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, very slender and strong build, and the spirit of a wild horse. But sometimes she was scared of little things. Little things such as bugs and loud noises.

Haley was very passionate and intense about everything that she did. She had a father loved her very much. Her father would even weep sometimes about how much she loved her because he was unable to express in words or deeds how much I loved her.  He would do anything for her. He would go anywhere for her. He would buy her anything her little heart desired.

His heart overflows with love for her. And the two had a great relationship. And so this book is about Haley and her simple life, and wild ventures around her neighborhood and in her imagination. It’s a great book for children ages 3 to 5 because it insights and simulates the imagination for the eyes of a real 3 to 5-year-old was modeled after this book.

So if you have little kids, or even about 3-5 years old, or you’re a parent or a guardian or grandparent, you should definitely check this book out. Even kindergardeners teachers and pre-school teachers, give this book a try and contact us to get on our waiting list. We won’t disappoint you because all of our books are money back guarantee. Isn’t that great? If you don’t like it, we’ll buy it back from you! So please come on out, get on our waiting list, and support our cause of writing great books for children.

New Blog and New books

Tim Underwood is a great author. This blog is about the books to Tim underwood has written, some of the thoughts I have about Tim, and some commentary on being an author in general.

I also will touch base on what it takes to publish a book in my experience from working with him on the books and we worked on together. Tennis worked on books of all kinds including children’s books, fiction novels, sci-fi action novels, as well as documentary type pic though journals. Tim to great guy, and he should be commended for his work because he puts his heart and soul into it, and I’m just as assistant you’ll get to hear from him on occasion when he decides to write articles on here. But will be getting his blog to talk about different booksignings, as well as different events that will be going to to promote books by Tim, as well as other offers from our publishing sister company. Working on the site has been a huge project for a team, but we are up for the task and excited. We know it’s gonna take a lot of work but I think the pay off will be fantastic. Absolute joy working in this industry and stuff on a lot of fun coming to work every day. I think this website it’s just gonna have a lot of fun because will be able to out reach to more people and let them know what we’re doing. You know, another thing that we go by her another generation of authors. So that’s why will be touching a little bit on how to publish your own book as well as giving some writing tips to. Speaking of, here are a couple of tips for when you get writers block to help you break through and to write even more efficiently:

Well that’s all for now, we hope to write again soon and let you know about the happenings of Tim and also running on how to help you become a better offer.