In Brevard County, FL we get wildlife calls all day…every single day. Animals find their way into peoples homes, and make their own home in a nice, warm comfy attic. They can live up there for months without anyone knowing and then one day you heard a tiny cry, a squeak or something that sounds like a baby and of course now its time to call the experts at Centurian Wildlife to remove raccoons or Iguana Control. A few months ago we had a customer call frantic that she had baby raccoons in her attic and she did not know what to do, as most people wouldn’t. She was in luck! Our resident raccoon pup saver Joey was off to her home within minutes. He crawled around in her attic, he too could hear the baby’s crying but no sign of the mama. Joey carefully rescued three baby raccoon pups, so small their eyes weren’t even open yet and brought them back to our office for the night until the animal rescue in Melbourne, FL was open the next morning. It has been a dream of mine since I was about 12 to hold a raccoon. Out team always discourages me from reaching into their traps to pet them, because…they are wild animals trapped in a cage, not a smart choice! This particular time because the babies were so small and needed to be fed and cared for…we got to hold and snuggle them. Life goals met! The feeling of our team saving these little guys was amazing….and this is something we did all of the time here at Centurian!


For More Information Please Visit:

Company: Centurian Wildlife Control

Address: 1911 NE 28th St Lighthouse Point FL US 33064

Phone: (954) 406-1553


Services: Animal Control Service

Saving the wildlife!!

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