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When I first started exercising I was interested in two main muscle groups. So I did a ton of experimentation with many different types of bicep exercises and bicep growth strategies.

I’m not going to attract any bodybuilders, references, or research into this video because all I can correctly tell you about is my own personal bicep growing experience. To be truthful, that is really all anyone can tell you about. There is an important problem with the strategy of applying one solution that worked for an individual to a large group of people. The problem is that we are all different so you’re going to have to work what I give you into a plan that is right for you. Some individuals have developed their biceps like me, and other people developed them entirely differently.

My biceps grew the most from doing 3 significant things.

#1 Heavy ass weight.

Lets begin with the very first one to build big biceps and probably the most controversial of the three. When I used to do bicep curls, I can tell you that my form has been far from ideal. I’d catch as heavy weight as I could to do roughly 5 great curls, another five could range from slightly sloppy form to a full out Animal-Pros.

I know I get it, everyone is saying that you need to maintain perfect form and you need to be isolating your bicep and using only your elbow joint… and keep your elbows tight to your ribs… That is not what worked for me.

I am not suggesting that you come into the gym and catch the heaviest weights that you see, and start throwing them around. All I’m suggesting is that you don’t fall for that trap of standing there with 30’s week after week focusing on your perfect bicep curls and not seeing any results. Look if an ideal form curls are not working for you all I am saying is catch a weight that you begin doing with good shape, but by the 10th rep you need to cheat to get it up. If you don’t need to cheat at all then you are not hitting failure, and I have found that failure is the #1 way to get muscles to grow.

The 2nd thing that helped me big time to build enormous biceps was preacher curls. Preacher curls do an incredible job at isolating your bicep. This makes it easier to understand that your shoulders are not involved in the curl. The preacher curl will keep your form in check for you as you use heavier weight. There’s also just something about it that has always helped me build bigger biceps. When you are doing the preacher curl you can really feel it working. I’ve always felt it more than just doing curls standing up.

Last but not the least are supersets and dropsets that help you to build big biceps. Supersets were very important for growing my biceps. I used to like to start with a heavy inward grip EZ bar preacher curl for 10 and then superset with a large grip EZ bar curl for 20 reps with a lighter weight. By the way if you’re wondering what my exercise structure for biceps was, I’ll give it to you, but know you might need to do something entirely different to stimulate your biceps. And 3 more sets after I did with supersets or dropsets. Generally for biceps I always shoot for 10 or more reps.

There are other things that I did not talk about today because you guys have already heard the vast majority of these 500 times. Things like supinating your hands or turning it over as you come up to work on the peak, trying to only use your elbow joint, lowering the weight slowly, and focusing on your biceps working the entire time.

One thing that I do want to say is you won’t ever build big biceps without a huge diet plan. When I was trying to build larger muscles I was sometimes eating up to 9 times a day. I was waking up in the middle of the night to have a whole milk protein shake.

Want Big Biceps??

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